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Please contact Gill if you would like more information or to book on our Reflexology course, only 10 places available. Course notes & a light lunch with refreshments will be included in the course which will start soon and run throughout Spring & Summer at a weekend.

This course will be held at Treetops, in our Spa, a lovely, calm and relaxing place to spend anytime especially when studying for such a wonderful therapeutic course…. The course is of a very high standard and an excellent qualification to add to an already qualified therapist’s portfolio. We have an excellent, well qualified Tutor who will work at the students pace as much as possible. Learning at Treetops is fun, we will help you to achieve your goal.
Course Outline:
This course will cover the history and philosophy of Reflexology; reflex zones and the related reflex points and how this therapy can help to treat common disorders.Candidates will learn how to perform full consultations as well as after/home care advise in order that their treatments meet the individual needs of their clients and that due care and attention is paid to health & safety when performing treatments.

The course will focus on performing reflexology treatment on the foot, however input will be given regarding performing treatment on the hands. Contra indications and contra action/healing crisis will be covered in order that the candidates take the correct/appropriate action when these occur.

Body Massage Diploma or equivalent is a pre-requisite qualification required to undertake this course accordingly, as the majority of Anatomy and Physiology will have already been covered only the respiratory and reproductive system will be included regarding input. However, candidates will be tested on all the systems. Revision sheets will be issued throughout the course to aid home study.

Evidence of competency will include the following:
• Practical – 3 summative assessments and 30 hours of case studies
• Theory – End of course multiple choice question paper covering both the theory of reflexology and anatomy & physiology. Completion of underpinning knowledge workbook.

Don’t miss this opportunity, email or call Gill; tel: 01652 628071/07761307578 or email: